“I Have To Go Over Here Now…”



Um, I have to go over here now…

– Jessica Lovejoy

Oh how I love The Simpsons. They have a quote for pretty well any life situation. I have a few favourites that I use time and time again. And when a Simpsons quote doesn’t fit, you can always slide in a Seinfeld or a Kath & Kim quote instead.

But that’s a whole different post…which brings me to the point of this one.

It’s time for me to move on from She’s Sonic.

I know my little corner of the internet hasn’t been around for all that long, but so much has happened since I blindly put together my very first post, including starting Shop Me Chic with Melinda.

Since the launch of Shop Me Chic, it has gone from strength to strength. Not only do we post about all things fashion, beauty and lifestyle, but we also have a Twitter account, Facebook page, Pinterest account and Instagram account. Not to mention an incredibly loyal and engaged bunch of readers.

Melinda and I are constantly brainstorming new ideas for posts, different ways to interact with and involve our readers, ideas for features, ways to work with brands and stores…and the list goes on. And on.

You can see where all of my energy, attention and focus end up, can’t you?

There are only so many hours in a day, and when you are working full time, blogging, renovating your home and planning your wedding…well, something’s got to give.

And so to quote Jessica Lovejoy from The Simpsons episode where Bart falls in love with her, “…I have to go over here now” – and by “here” I mean Shop Me Chic.

So while I won’t be writing here at She’s Sonic for the foreseeable future, if I have something to say, I’ll say it. And you can bet that you’ll hear all about it.

In the meantime though, come and hang out with me at Shop Me Chic. I can promise plenty of fun posts, good times and a free pony for every reader.*

* I can’t actually promise a free pony for every reader, but I’m pretty sure we can deliver the rest…

Capturing The One


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There’s a new amazing Adelaide-based video production company that has hit the wedding scene, aptly named “The One Wedding Films”. 

They use a more stylistic approach to wedding videography and I simply adore their work.  It is run by a lovely lad called Tim who is in partnership with my gorgeous friend, Emily.  

I had a chat with the dynamic and delightful Emily to find out more about The One and what drives their passion for producing such beautiful work…

What inspired you to start The One?

My husband Matt is a video editor and has been cutting wedding videos for some time, just for a bit of “pocket money” really. But when the new Digital SLR’s all started coming out (we love the Canon 7D) and we began to see the fantastic, more film-like results you get from those cameras, we were pretty inspired and decided to seize the opportunity by taking the business to a new level. We had seen similar results from only one or two local production companies and figured we could offer a similar service, albeit with our own point of difference and creative flair.

Tim’s interests are in documentary film-making and visual communication, and he is working on several film projects including an international doc to be released later on this year, which we’re really excited about. His approach to capturing a story is organic, and he thrives on the pressure of gathering “details” within that unpredictable and emotionally charged moment.

What do you love about weddings?

When weddings are done right and when you know the couple is just right for each other, they can be the most amazing thing. There is always this wonderful, magical vibe leading up to, during and a week or two after a wedding that I just love. It brings families and friends together in one space and in many cases, that may never happen again. So I’ve just always appreciated weddings for the more sentimental reasons.  They’re just such special moments in people’s lives and we do our best to capture that magic quality in all of our films.

Above: Emily and Matt on their wedding day

What is your philosophy on wedding films?

Get the cute stuff! We don’t want to just re-cap your wedding day (that’s a given).  We want to share the fun, cutesy kind of stuff that goes on around you. These are the moments that make for such fun memories. It’s the stuff you wouldn’t normally remember but when you look back at it in years to come, you just won’t be able to wipe the smile off your face. At least, that’s what we try to achieve anyway.

We had feedback from one of our clients recently and she said, “We watched our video the other night and both had tears and laughter at the same time…Can’t wait to show everyone now!” and that’s the type of feedback we love. Laugh or cry. It’s all the same (haha!).

What should a couple look for in their videographer?

Someone with a modern approach and most importantly someone you get along with.  You are spending your entire day with these people, from early morning prep through to midnight celebrations so it’s important to have a rapport with your videographer.  And feel free to tell them what you want. If there is something going on that you really want them to capture, let them know. Remember, it’s the one day where it’s all about you and it’s the one video you will cherish forever! We also concentrate on working really closely with photographers. We have fabulous relationships with most of Adelaide’s wedding photographers, because we work hard to blend in – I think Tim would like to be a ninja in his next life!

What makes a beautiful wedding film?

Stunning visuals and crisp, clear audio certainly help and Tim, our main videographer certainly has this covered. But one aspect that I think is often overlooked is a well put together piece, from an editing point of view. So many production companies focus on getting great shots but then let themselves down on the edit, as if it were an after-thought. They just throw it all together with a piece of music underneath and that’s not really giving you the experience you deserve, in our opinion.

Our wedding films are generally around 25 to 30 mins in length because let’s be honest, family and friends don’t really want to sit through a 2 hour long wedding video. They’ll never admit that but it’s true. So we take only the very best bits and turn them into something you can actually share with family and friends and not feel like you’re boring the pants off them! We feel it’s much more special that way and certainly more enjoyable. You will more than likely showcase your video to a lot more people as well.

Above: Matt and Emily with their wedding party

I hate the sound of my voice! What options do I have for my wedding video?

Most of our wedding films are more like a “Highlights Reel” anyway so what you get is a wonderful collection of stunning visuals over 3 or 4 of your favourite music tracks.  The only bits of dialogue we usually bring forward are a few bits and pieces from the speeches and any well-wishes from friends and family that usually go on at the end of the night. As a special touch, our editors usually provide the speeches as a separate menu option on the DVD so you can always watch them back for a laugh whenever you like, without interrupting the snappy pace of the wedding feature. But having said that, usually the brides are safe. It’s all about the dress, darling!

Why should every wedding be filmed?

We are often amazed at how little thought couples put into their wedding video, yet the photographer is always seen as something that is so important. I guess it comes down to personal preference and that photography of weddings is somewhat of a tradition. Photos are fantastic because you can put them in frames and share them on Facebook or wherever but as internet speeds continue to improve and video technology develops, we are seeing a far greater push now towards online video content and couples are opting for the wedding films as a better way to showcase the entire experience. You can upload your videos to sites like Vimeo or YouTube and embed that link to your own blog site, Facebook or simply email it to your friends. We are also finding that couples enjoy the film-making process so much, that they are also experimenting with other videos that highlight special occasions like engagements, “Save the Date” videos (which are very popular and a lot of fun!), birthdays or even testimonial videos for people that are retiring from a long career or have reached a milestone in their life. We recently helped a nervous groom with a pre-recorded video speech complete with acted scenes and a ballad! How cool is that!

How do we go about booking The One to film our wedding?

You can see examples of our work via the website www.theone.net.au which also has all of the necessary contact details.

If you’re a Facebook fan, why not check out our page https://www.facebook.com/theoneweddings and give it the thumbs up if you like the examples we have uploaded there.

Emily is your first port of call and you can reach her by emailing bookings@theone.net.au or phone 0449 110 907.

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Label Me Fashion


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A love of fashion, shopping and an enviable amount of dresses that have only been worn once inspired my glamorous soon to be cousin-in-law Courtney to start The Label Boutique. Basically it’s an online marketplace for pre-loved designer items at reduced prices. Have a gorgeous dress that you just won’t wear anymore? You can sell it. Need a new outfit but don’t want to break the bank? You can buy it. All at The Label Boutique. I thought this was such a great concept and chatted with Courtney to find out more…  

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m 26 years old, born and raised in little old Adelaide. I love all things fashion and interior decoration. I love travelling, eating at new restaurants and a good Shiraz. I work in the family business as a project manager and interior designer for residential houses and I am currently planning my dream wedding!

Describe yourself in 5 words.

Laidback, Dreamer, Honest, Sensitive, Humorous.

Who are your style icons and why?

Olivia Palermo – she mixes high street with everyday labels and Lauren Conrad – laidback California style! Love.

Above: Talulah ‘Across The Universe’ Dress (size 8, $90)

What are your favourite brands?

Rachel Gilbert, Sass & Bide, Bec & Bridge, Camilla and Marc – GO AUSSIES!

What inspired you to start The Label Boutique?

I have purchased way too many dresses that I have only worn once, and they just sit in my wardrobe. They are far too pretty to give away so I wanted to sell them to fund my new purchases. I started selling on eBay but have found it very confusing and quite expensive with all the fees, so I thought why not reach out to all my friends and see if they were in the same boat as me and wanted some extra cash for more clothes or even a holiday! After all, some of these items are quite expensive when first purchased! The Label Boutique is an up-market forum for selling and buying near new clothes and accessories!

Above: Rachel Gilbert ‘Flakey’ Tee (size 1, $150)

Explain the concept to us. How do we go about selling our too-good-to-give away clothes with The Label Boutique?

WANT TO SELL: If you’ve got a few designer items in your wardrobe that you bought for that special occasion but have only worn once or maybe you purchased something that was an impulse buy and now you need the cash, then list the item with The Label Boutique. We will list your item free of charge and if the item sells we only take a 10% flat fee. Items must be in near new or excellent condition and designer label is preferred. They will need to be posted to The Label Boutique so that we can photograph professionally and add a detailed description about the item you’re wanting to sell.

GRAB A BARGAIN: If you’re after that special something but don’t want to pay full price than browse our Available Items Album and check out our listings. Here you will find detailed photos along with a description of what’s being sold including sizing, any minor defects and styling notes. Simply send us an email or message via Facebook and we will get in contact with you regarding the item you wish to purchase. We will give you a Paypal address to send the money to and will post the item directly to you.

There is also a WANTED ALBUM: if you’ve been looking for something specific, then let me know and I’ll upload a pic of the item you need to add to your collection – you never know who might have that sitting in their wardrobe waiting for a new home!

What can we expect when we buy an item of clothing from The Label Boutique?

The Label Boutique only stock designer items that are in great condition, and defects or wear marks will be noted on the description so you know exactly what to expect. If you want specific photos, don’t hesitate to ask. The item will be packaged up and sent out via Australia Post. Postage costs are explained under the item description.

Above: Talulah ‘Words Of Wisdom’ Maxi Dress (size XS, $90)

What are your tips for keeping, ditching and selling clothes we have hanging in our wardrobes?

I know I’m not the only one who has purchased something on impulse, simply because it was beautiful or maybe it was on sale, so if you haven’t worn it in the last 6 months why not cash it in for something new that you will wear. It’s also a great way to keep up with the latest trends and collections from your favourite designers. If you purchased a great item from last season and wore it a couple of times, you can sell it for a small fee and you’re now ready to purchase the latest and greatest from this upcoming season.

What can we expect for the future of The Label Boutique?

This is a side project of mine that I have been running on online auction sites for a year, and now I want to make it more upmarket and exclusive to give your stunning clothes and accessories the forum they deserve. I hope this will become a quick and easy way to sell your unwanted beauties and who knows, maybe one day I can launch my own website and have an online store!

Above: PeepToe ‘Miss Lure’ Ankle Boot (size 37, $99)

Check out The Label Boutique on Facebook: www.facebook.com/TheLabelBoutique

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The Week In Sonic’s World


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Hear that sound? It’s the sound of another week whooshing past as we now find ourselves in mid-June. MID-JUNE?! Really?! I don’t think I’m quite ready for it to be halfway through the year already. But time waits for no one, and so here’s what’s happened this week.

The back of our house is now gone. That’s right. Mr Sonic and 3 of his questionable mates helped him pull down the laundry, kitchen and bathroom. Luckily 1 mate had the foresight to tell the others to leave the toilet standing, as it was Saturday and our portaloo wasn’t being delivered until Tuesday. Thank you Matt. I am eternally grateful.

I’ve been powering through my To Do list at work like a champion. Doing all the small jobs that are the most annoying and time consuming. What a great feeling it is to work my way down that list – tick! Tick! Tick! And so what if I put jobs on there that I’ve already done (does anyone else do that)?!


Here on She’s Sonic I shared some secrets about my Inner Princess tendencies. This week’s Midweek Inspiration put negatives into perspective and I asked everyone for their tips for planning outfits.

Over on Shop Me Chic (my other love that I co-edit with Melinda), we picked the cutest gym accessories including gym bags, water bottles – note to self, I need a new one – and headwear. We also featured my gorgeous friend Molly who makes the most amazing bracelets (I’ve featured her here on She’s Sonic a few months back). And finally we drew inspiration from the fabulous Nicole Richie in a perfect winter casual outfit.


And so ends another week.

What happened in your world this week?

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Do You Plan Your Outfits?


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Planning outfits is a new concept to me. I usually get up, see what the weather’s like, see what kind of mood I’m in and then go from there.

Not anymore.

Now that we’re renovating and have no bathroom, I have to be Little Miss Organised. This means making sure my bag is packed the night before with my towel, toiletries, makeup and of course, what I’m going to wear the next day.

This has been my first week of doing this and I have to be honest, I’m struggling. Because I’m not used to planning ahead with my outfits, I’ve been extremely boring and unimaginative and have stuck to black pants, black heels and some sort of top that matches.

Don’t get me started on accessories…just the same Mimco crystal studs. Every. Single. Day.

So I need some help.

How do you plan your outfits? What tips can you give me to make sure I’m not just wearing a different version of the same outfit everyday?

1 2 3

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Write Stuff: Celebrate Your Inner Princess


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Melinda from Mumma In Heels (who is also my fab Co-Editor of Shop Me Chic) has graciously handed over the ‘Let’s Write’ weekly blog post tiara to Kim-Marie from Kimba Likes. The tiara has been polished, the gems have been changed and it has been recrowned ‘Write Stuff’…

The theme for this week’s Write Stuff, which coincides nicely with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, is “Celebrate Your Inner Princess“.

Aside from the fact my Grandma calls me her Princess, I’d like to think that I don’t have any princess tendencies.


  • I am obsessed with my hair. I am super fussy about the colour, cut and the way it is blowdried straight or curled. That’s one of the reasons why I hate doing it myself. I never do a good enough job!!
  • I feel better about myself when I have a tan, so really should own some kind of St Tropez loyalty card or at least be their spokesperson because it’s the only tanning product I own.
  • I like to have my fingernails and toenails nicely painted. It infuriates me to discover a chip the day after having them painted. I am slowly realising I can’t do natural nails and normal nail polish anymore. I simply have to go back to gel nail polish.
  • I have…let’s call it an ability…to have people help me out. Some may call it getting my way. I prefer to think of it as – I’m a nice person who helps others, therefore when I want need something done, they are happy to oblige. Makes sense, right?!

Well now that I have dug myself a lovely princess sized hole, it’s your turn to share…

What are your Inner Princess tendencies?

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Sign Me Up To The Agency


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I admire people who chase their dreams. I especially admire people who manage to catch them. Dynamic sisters Jessica and Madeline are two girls who have done just that. 

The girls have combined their love of beautiful handbags and fashion with their creativity, tenacity and business prowess to launch an incredible new online venture called The Agency.

I had a chat with Jessica (above left in black) to find out all about The Agency and their incredible bags…

1. First of all, tell us a bit about yourself.

I am Jessica, one half of The Agency heart.

Currently I work in a professional environment whilst running our new business venture and studying. I come from an academic background having worked at large top tier firms over the past 5 years. I am completing my economics and marketing degree at the moment and don’t think I am on the path to slowing down anytime soon.

I divide my time between Sydney and Melbourne, as my partner lives in Sydney. So I am able to appreciate both sides of the Melbourne vs Sydney argument. I grew up on the Mornington Peninsula and often venture home for some TLC and great food.

I am constantly inspired by the people around me and believe that if you surround yourself with talented, smart and energetic – just all around good people – that eventually some of that has to rub off on you!

2. Describe yourself in 5 words.

Ambitious, competitive, fun, real and honest.

Above: The LBB (Little Black Bag) $160

3. Who are your style icons and why?

I respect the style of Eva Mendes as she has the curves and look of the old Hollywood sirens – think Monroe, Taylor and Loren. She always looks immaculate yet oozes sex appeal in a classy way. I also like the off-the-cuff style of today’s icons like Kate Moss, Emma Stone and Nicole Richie; understated cool factor that is so hard to reproduce.

4. What are your favourite brands?

I don’t classify myself as a brand worshipper by any means. My entire wardrobe is combined with some semi-high end pieces and the more relaxed “picked this up” pieces. I often find that the more boutique type of pieces are what work best on me. I do enjoy Michael Kors for trenches and watches, Siren for Shoes and Zara for a blazer.

5. What inspired you and your sister Madeline to start The Agency Boutique?

My sister is ultra creative and is the type that spends hours getting ready. She never leaves the house looking “ordinary”. We are chalk and cheese as my mum says.

I think it is this combination of her appreciation of beautiful things, my brain and our mutual love of fashion that led us to this idea. Ultimately, we both adore accessories and are firm believers that accessories complete the outfit. The pressure to always look good and buy quality pieces at times is really hard. Particularly when not everyone can afford to spend $4k on the latest designer bag.

Trying to locate bags that weren’t over the top expensive and weren’t produced by the masses was really hard. It was in this Oprah style “aha!” moment that we thought we are onto something here. If we are having this problem, then it was guaranteed other women were.

It has been a whirlwind 6 months since then, planning, thinking, making connections, understanding different cultures of our manufacturers and suppliers, and getting to know each other even more. Learning how to bring out the best in each other and the business.

Above: You Feeling Me? $120

6. What can we expect when we place an order with The Agency Boutique?

We have designed The Agency to overall service the highest of expectations – our own!

In designing the format, we combined our own experiences with what we think buying online SHOULD be. We want people to be excited to do business with us from when they first look at our website, to placing the order, the anticipation and then of course unwrapping their special black ribboned parcel.

7. Do you and Madeline see yourselves designing your own bags one day?

We are in current negotiations and meetings to do exactly this. We are hoping to expand the business over time. We are firm believers in if you doing something, then you do it right, hence the careful considerations taking place.

We are however currently involved in every element of the bags that we sell. From choosing the leather, the colours, the hardware, the sizing, every inch of the overall bag is our very own vision. We are in constant contact with our manufacturers in Spain, China and America to ensure we are able to present the highest quality bags to our clients.

8. What is your ultimate dream bag (from any designer)?

I don’t think I could go past a Hermès 40cm Birkin tote in lemon with gold hardware. Classic, understated, but also announces, “you’ve arrived”.

Above: You Make My Heart Beat (in Neon Pink) $150

9. What styles and colours will be seeing in the coming months?

During Winter we are trying to shake it up a little with pops of colours and patterned pieces whilst also introducing quality warmer leather pieces in traditional tans, navy and black. Spring will be a whole new chapter. Think more out there one off pieces that are attention seeking in an enviable way – neons, lace & bold.

10. If we could only buy one piece from the current collection, which bag should it be?

This is so hard as all of the bags are beautiful and I am proud of them in their own individual way, as they all offer something completely different.

I am obsessed with the ‘OPI’ (Olivia Palermo Investment). It is so chic and classic, yet fun in a New Yorker kind of style.

I am toting around with the ‘Boyfriend’ this week. Next week? Who knows…!

For some serious eye and arm candy, check out the full range of bags at http://theagencyboutique.com/

As a thank you for featuring The Agency on She’s Sonic, I was gifted a bag of my choice. Please see my Disclosure policy for more information.

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