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Last week the wonderful Melinda of Mumma In Heels launched a post series called ‘Let’s Write’ and we all shared what we love about Winter.

This week, we’re talking about how we each start our day.

My weekdays are very different to my weekends. Monday to Friday I work as an Executive Assistant in a corporate office, while on Saturday and Sunday I am the Builder’s Apprentice (or “lackey” as Mr Sonic likes to call me) on our renovation.

However, when I open my eyes – no matter what day it is – I tend to do the same thing. First up, I check Instagram. I love to see the visual representation of what my friends have been up to. Straight after this, I check Twitter. Now that I feel like I’m up to date with the world, I get out of bed and start my day.

Then it’s time (if it’s a weekday) that I should be tying up my sneakers and heading to the gym. That tends to be a little inconsistent – let’s blame the cold, dark mornings – but I’m hoping to improve. Actually, I will improve because I won’t have a bathroom soon and my gym has a lovely new bathroom fully equipped with GHD straighteners. So that’s where my membership fees go…

Following this, breakfast is a must. If I don’t eat breakfast, I quickly become hangry (when you are so hungry it makes you angry). Coffee. Shower. Get dressed. Then either head to work or head to work, depending on what day it is.

And there you have it. How I start my day.

How do you start your day?