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Welcome to another episode of the Mumma In Heels series, ‘Let’s Write’!!

For those of you playing along at home, we’ve already covered what we love about Winter and how we start our days.

Today we’re talking about how we each like to relax.

I have a few ways that I like to relax. And considering how crazy busy my life is these days, I seem to be doing these things a lot more often!!

  • Music – I’ve always loved music and always love to have music playing wherever I am. I especially love listening to songs that have happy memories attached to them and just by hearing that particular tune, it transports me back to that moment and relaxes me. That, or bootypoppin’ to Beyonce!!
  • Tea – I am an avid tea drinker. I drink several cups a day. All different kinds. I’m very particular about the way I have my tea. I guess you could call me a tea-a-holic!! I find a hot cup of tea incredibly soothing and comforting. And I am awesome at making tea. Just saying.
  • Wine – wine also falls under the same sort of category as tea, but isn’t hot obviously. Nor should it be consumed at work. Shame, really. I love to have a bottle glass of wine with Mr Sonic or friends and chat about our day and relaxxxxx.
  • Reading – it makes me especially happy when I get the time to curl up on the couch with no distractions and can catch up on reading all of my favourite blogs and a magazine. I’ve treated myself to a Grazia subscription, so that gives me a great excuse to have a little ‘me time’.
  • Reality TV – I make no secret of the fact I am a reality TV junkie. Absolutely love it. It’s my guilty pleasure. Anything Kardashian or Real Housewives, Bethenny or Giuliana & Bill. I could probably survive on 3 Foxtel channels – Arena, E! and the Style Network. Not sure why we have all those other channels like sport and documentaries…oh yeah, that’s right. Mr Sonic.
  • A long walk – when the sun is shining, sometimes there is nothing better than putting my sneakers on and going for a long walk. The sunshine and fresh air and scenery all help distract me from my thoughts and I walk back through my front door relaxed.

Those are my little ways to relax and unwind.

How do you like to relax?