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As some of you may know, I spent the past week in Queensand. It was originally a work trip, but after some quick thinking, fast talking and a lovely boss, I was able to extend my time away and incorporate a holiday.

I was particularly excited about this for a few reasons. I absolutely love Brisbane and Queensland in general. It feels like a home away from home and is a beautiful place. We also have 2 sets of friends that have made the move from Adelaide to Brisbane and we miss them terribly, so this was a great chance to catch up with them. And finally, I had the perfect opportunity to meet Nikki from Styling You, who I admire and adore…and of course Melinda, my Co Editor of our fabulous website (if I do say so myself) Shop Me Chic.

Above: Nikki and me

I began my week with a whirlwind trip to the Sunshine Coast, which totally did not live up to its name. In fact, it was grey and rainy and cold. I was instantly blamed for bringing the crappy Adelaide weather with me. Nevertheless, I had a warm and cosy lunch with Nikki who runs the brilliant website Styling You – one of my daily reads. Nikki is even more fabulous in real life. She exudes glamour but is so down to earth and lovely. We spent the best part of 2 hours talking non-stop about everything from our personal lives to blogging. Nikki very generously answered a lot of questions and gave me some fantastic advice to take away, think about and act on. I left that lunch on an absolute high.

Thank you for taking time out of your busy life to meet up with me, Nikki. I appreciate it so much.

Above: I picked the winning dog

Throughout the rest of the week, we spent time with friends, ate a lot, drank wine, and had many, many laughs. There may have also been a win on the greyhounds (mine), a dancefloor takeover at a local pub (Mr Sonic) and the purchase of one very large, very sparkly Mexican hat (Mr Sonic).

Above: how did that Mexican hat get on the bill?

Then it was time to work. I spent 2 days in meetings at the Marriott Brisbane and had 2 fab dinners at Garuva in Fortitude Valley (or “The Valley” as Brisbane locals call it) and the phenomenal Stokehouse in Southbank. I finished my final work day by supporting the Brisbane economy…in Queen Street Mall. There’s something incredibly fun about shopping interstate. The shops seem better, every purchase seems completely justifiable and every item is a winner. Or at least it is for me.

On my last day, I met up for brunch with Melinda, who runs Mumma In Heels and is also my Co Editor of our website Shop Me Chic. Mr Sonic asked if I was nervous about meeting Melinda. Not at all. I felt like we’d known each other our whole lives as we speak on the phone regularly and tweet and email each other like 50 times a day. I was right. As soon as we saw each other, we shared a big hug and there was not one moment of silence for over 2 hours. Melinda also brought along her 2 adorable and charming sons, and I was even serenaded by 3 year old Master P singing the One Direction classic, ‘What Makes You Beautiful’. Swoon!!

Above: Melinda and me

And so, that was my working holiday. It went by so fast and I’m still catching up on sleep, but you couldn’t wipe the smile off my face if you tried.

Now, time to book the next holiday…

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