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Melinda from Mumma In Heels (who is also my fab Co-Editor of Shop Me Chic) has graciously handed over the ‘Let’s Write’ weekly blog post tiara to Kim-Marie from Kimba Likes. The tiara has been polished, the gems have been changed and it has been recrowned ‘Write Stuff’…

The theme for this week’s Write Stuff, which coincides nicely with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, is “Celebrate Your Inner Princess“.

Aside from the fact my Grandma calls me her Princess, I’d like to think that I don’t have any princess tendencies.


  • I am obsessed with my hair. I am super fussy about the colour, cut and the way it is blowdried straight or curled. That’s one of the reasons why I hate doing it myself. I never do a good enough job!!
  • I feel better about myself when I have a tan, so really should own some kind of St Tropez loyalty card or at least be their spokesperson because it’s the only tanning product I own.
  • I like to have my fingernails and toenails nicely painted. It infuriates me to discover a chip the day after having them painted. I am slowly realising I can’t do natural nails and normal nail polish anymore. I simply have to go back to gel nail polish.
  • I have…let’s call it an ability…to have people help me out. Some may call it getting my way. I prefer to think of it as – I’m a nice person who helps others, therefore when I want need something done, they are happy to oblige. Makes sense, right?!

Well now that I have dug myself a lovely princess sized hole, it’s your turn to share…

What are your Inner Princess tendencies?

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