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Planning outfits is a new concept to me. I usually get up, see what the weather’s like, see what kind of mood I’m in and then go from there.

Not anymore.

Now that we’re renovating and have no bathroom, I have to be Little Miss Organised. This means making sure my bag is packed the night before with my towel, toiletries, makeup and of course, what I’m going to wear the next day.

This has been my first week of doing this and I have to be honest, I’m struggling. Because I’m not used to planning ahead with my outfits, I’ve been extremely boring and unimaginative and have stuck to black pants, black heels and some sort of top that matches.

Don’t get me started on accessories…just the same Mimco crystal studs. Every. Single. Day.

So I need some help.

How do you plan your outfits? What tips can you give me to make sure I’m not just wearing a different version of the same outfit everyday?

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