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Hear that sound? It’s the sound of another week whooshing past as we now find ourselves in mid-June. MID-JUNE?! Really?! I don’t think I’m quite ready for it to be halfway through the year already. But time waits for no one, and so here’s what’s happened this week.

The back of our house is now gone. That’s right. Mr Sonic and 3 of his questionable mates helped him pull down the laundry, kitchen and bathroom. Luckily 1 mate had the foresight to tell the others to leave the toilet standing, as it was Saturday and our portaloo wasn’t being delivered until Tuesday. Thank you Matt. I am eternally grateful.

I’ve been powering through my To Do list at work like a champion. Doing all the small jobs that are the most annoying and time consuming. What a great feeling it is to work my way down that list – tick! Tick! Tick! And so what if I put jobs on there that I’ve already done (does anyone else do that)?!


Here on She’s Sonic I shared some secrets about my Inner Princess tendencies. This week’s Midweek Inspiration put negatives into perspective and I asked everyone for their tips for planning outfits.

Over on Shop Me Chic (my other love that I co-edit with Melinda), we picked the cutest gym accessories including gym bags, water bottles – note to self, I need a new one – and headwear. We also featured my gorgeous friend Molly who makes the most amazing bracelets (I’ve featured her here on She’s Sonic a few months back). And finally we drew inspiration from the fabulous Nicole Richie in a perfect winter casual outfit.


And so ends another week.

What happened in your world this week?

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