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A love of fashion, shopping and an enviable amount of dresses that have only been worn once inspired my glamorous soon to be cousin-in-law Courtney to start The Label Boutique. Basically it’s an online marketplace for pre-loved designer items at reduced prices. Have a gorgeous dress that you just won’t wear anymore? You can sell it. Need a new outfit but don’t want to break the bank? You can buy it. All at The Label Boutique. I thought this was such a great concept and chatted with Courtney to find out more…  

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m 26 years old, born and raised in little old Adelaide. I love all things fashion and interior decoration. I love travelling, eating at new restaurants and a good Shiraz. I work in the family business as a project manager and interior designer for residential houses and I am currently planning my dream wedding!

Describe yourself in 5 words.

Laidback, Dreamer, Honest, Sensitive, Humorous.

Who are your style icons and why?

Olivia Palermo – she mixes high street with everyday labels and Lauren Conrad – laidback California style! Love.

Above: Talulah ‘Across The Universe’ Dress (size 8, $90)

What are your favourite brands?

Rachel Gilbert, Sass & Bide, Bec & Bridge, Camilla and Marc – GO AUSSIES!

What inspired you to start The Label Boutique?

I have purchased way too many dresses that I have only worn once, and they just sit in my wardrobe. They are far too pretty to give away so I wanted to sell them to fund my new purchases. I started selling on eBay but have found it very confusing and quite expensive with all the fees, so I thought why not reach out to all my friends and see if they were in the same boat as me and wanted some extra cash for more clothes or even a holiday! After all, some of these items are quite expensive when first purchased! The Label Boutique is an up-market forum for selling and buying near new clothes and accessories!

Above: Rachel Gilbert ‘Flakey’ Tee (size 1, $150)

Explain the concept to us. How do we go about selling our too-good-to-give away clothes with The Label Boutique?

WANT TO SELL: If you’ve got a few designer items in your wardrobe that you bought for that special occasion but have only worn once or maybe you purchased something that was an impulse buy and now you need the cash, then list the item with The Label Boutique. We will list your item free of charge and if the item sells we only take a 10% flat fee. Items must be in near new or excellent condition and designer label is preferred. They will need to be posted to The Label Boutique so that we can photograph professionally and add a detailed description about the item you’re wanting to sell.

GRAB A BARGAIN: If you’re after that special something but don’t want to pay full price than browse our Available Items Album and check out our listings. Here you will find detailed photos along with a description of what’s being sold including sizing, any minor defects and styling notes. Simply send us an email or message via Facebook and we will get in contact with you regarding the item you wish to purchase. We will give you a Paypal address to send the money to and will post the item directly to you.

There is also a WANTED ALBUM: if you’ve been looking for something specific, then let me know and I’ll upload a pic of the item you need to add to your collection – you never know who might have that sitting in their wardrobe waiting for a new home!

What can we expect when we buy an item of clothing from The Label Boutique?

The Label Boutique only stock designer items that are in great condition, and defects or wear marks will be noted on the description so you know exactly what to expect. If you want specific photos, don’t hesitate to ask. The item will be packaged up and sent out via Australia Post. Postage costs are explained under the item description.

Above: Talulah ‘Words Of Wisdom’ Maxi Dress (size XS, $90)

What are your tips for keeping, ditching and selling clothes we have hanging in our wardrobes?

I know I’m not the only one who has purchased something on impulse, simply because it was beautiful or maybe it was on sale, so if you haven’t worn it in the last 6 months why not cash it in for something new that you will wear. It’s also a great way to keep up with the latest trends and collections from your favourite designers. If you purchased a great item from last season and wore it a couple of times, you can sell it for a small fee and you’re now ready to purchase the latest and greatest from this upcoming season.

What can we expect for the future of The Label Boutique?

This is a side project of mine that I have been running on online auction sites for a year, and now I want to make it more upmarket and exclusive to give your stunning clothes and accessories the forum they deserve. I hope this will become a quick and easy way to sell your unwanted beauties and who knows, maybe one day I can launch my own website and have an online store!

Above: PeepToe ‘Miss Lure’ Ankle Boot (size 37, $99)

Check out The Label Boutique on Facebook: www.facebook.com/TheLabelBoutique

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