Thankful Thursday: I’m Awesome! Pay It Forward


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The Thankful Thursday concept was created by Kate from Kate Says Stuff and today she has asked bloggers to share 3 reasons why they are awesome and then tag 3 other bloggers to remind them of how awesome they are. Cute concept, really!!

It’s all too easy to become self-critical and be too hard on ourselves a lot of the time, so it’s kind of refreshing to stop and think about the good we do.

The super lovely Ingrid from Glossy Beauty has nominated me. Ingrid is so sweet, kind, caring, thoughtful and supportive. You can be certain that Ingrid has not only read your latest blog post, but also left a positive comment. She is like sunshine and a friend I am certainly grateful for.


So in what ways do I think I’m awesome?

  1. I am a loyal, caring and supportive person. I absolutely adore my friends and loved ones, and would move heaven and earth for them. If we are friends, then you can count on me. I’ll always be there for you, whatever you need. I’ll be your loudest cheerleader. I give amazing hugs. And make a fantastic cup of tea.
  2. I’m a good listener. I quite often end up playing counsellor to friends, colleagues, anyone really. I’m an excellent listener and I (hopefully) give good advice. I take great pride in being the type of person that others know they can talk to about anything.
  3. I’m great at being silly. I’m always the first to pay myself out if I’ve said or done something less than brilliant. I don’t mind embarrassing myself if it makes other laugh. I love to make people smile.


I am now tagging these awesome bloggers:

  • Melinda from Mumma In Heels. Not only is Melinda my Co-Editor of Shop Me Chic, she is a truly wonderful friend. She is always at the end of an email, tweet, text or phone call with encouraging words, advice and generally great conversation. She’s definitely someone you want on your team.
  • Sarah from Hip and Haute. Sarah has the face of an angel and the personality to match…to a point. She’s got a wicked sense of humour and way with words that has me in stitches and still brings a smile to my face days later.
  • Lauren from Sand Castles and Paper Crowns. Lauren is a warm and genuine person. She’s quick with a compliment and is generous beyond belief. A beautiful person inside and out.

What makes you awesome? What are you thankful for?

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Liza Emanuele ‘My Favourite Things’ Fashion Show


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 Above: Let the show begin…

I was lucky enough to be invited backstage at the Liza Emanuele ‘My Favourite Things’ Winter 2012 fashion show, held on Tuesday 5 June 2012 at the Ice Arena.

Liza is an incredibly talented designer who hails from my hometown of Adelaide, South Australia. The collection’s theme of ‘My Favourite Things’ was based around Liza’s love of romance and sport (she grew up skating and skiing).

Liza Emanuele shows are known for being quite the production, and this show was the ultimate example. “A monster of a show,” Liza told the crowd just before the parade began.

And with that, the show kicked off in a flurry of ice skaters, ice hockey players, cheerleaders and models strutting their stuff down a runway in the middle of the ice skating rink.

The atmosphere was white hot. The fashion was even hotter.

Above: the lovely Emily ready to hit the catwalk in black earmuffs and a grey knit with a very cute bulldog on the front

Black and white featured heavily (particularly in the form of stripes), as did grey, hot pink and red. There were exquisite sweaters, coats and capes that not only looked gorgeous but super warm too. Knit, tweed and denim were the textures du jour.

Menswear also made an appearance thanks to Ivy League. The guys rocked the runway in skinny jeans, coloured denim (in raspberry), layers of shirts, knits and scarves, and impeccably cut suits.

As Florence and the Machine’s incredible song ‘Shake It Out’ began to fill the arena, my heart skipped a beat. An entire section devoted to my neutral – leopard print. The leopard pieces were paired with camel, trench coats and fur vests. It thrilled me to pieces to know that leopard print wasn’t going anywhere just yet. It was by far my favourite moment of the show.

Backstage, I spied this blazer that the ice skaters wore in this particular section. Can you say “swoon”?!

Above: Liza Emanuele leopard print blazer

The final section of the show was Liza Emanuele Bride. Beautiful romantic gowns floated down the runway and it was easy to see why Liza branched out into bridal a few years ago. She sure knows how to make a bride look stunning on her Big Day.

The show’s finale closed to rapturous applause, which was well deserved. The collection was not only incredibly chic, but also incredibly wearable. In fact, I think I could quite easily fill my winter wardrobe exclusively with Liza Emanuele pieces.

After the show, I managed to sneak a quick moment with the designer herself. I congratulated her on an amazing collection and snapped this pic…

Above: me with Liza Emanuele. I was excited to see that she and I were both wearing white blazers.

Be sure to check out the ‘My Favourite Things’ Collection on the Liza Emanuele website. There is also an online store, if you happen to fall in love with one (or many pieces). Warning: you will.

Thank you Liza and team for an incredible show and collection.

I was given a backstage and VIP pass to attend the show. I chose to review and blog about the show. Please see my Disclosure policy for more information.

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MTV Movie Awards 2012 Red Carpet


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The MTV Movie Awards were held in sunny California just the other day and the stars were out to shine. The fun of any MTV award show is the casual vibe, which means the celebs can relax a little and play around with their look.

Here are my picks for who should take home that shiny silver bucket of popcorn for Best Dressed…

Emma Stone

The first thing that grabbed my attention was this amazing bustier-slash-peplum top. How incredible is it?! The top and skirt are by Martin Grant, an Australian designer living in Paris…and who also happens to be the next designer of the Qantas uniform. The attention to detail with the accessories is what totally won me over. The TDF Brian Atwood heels and Fendi clutch finish this sassy and sweet outfit perfectly.

Emma Watson

And now we cut to another Emma…Miss Watson looks slammin’ in this totally on trend clashing print number by Brood. Loving the stacked cuffs and Tabitha Simmons heels as a way to carry the sporty luxe look all the way.

Louise Roe

Louise is a fashion favourite of mine. The UK TV presenter always looks so stylish and well put together. This violet David Meister number might be considered a little formal for an awards show such as this, but Louise toughens up the look with some metal hardware. And that hair flick? Swoon!!

And last but certainly not least. My absolute favourite…

Jessica Biel

Being engaged is certainly agreeing with J-Biel. She’s never looked better and this look is a gorgeous example. The crisp white Chanel mini, super sleek hairstyle, statement Barbara Bui heels and that ahhhhmazing bling all work together beautifully. She’s bringing SexyBack…yep!! (What?! You were thinking it too!!)

Who were your favourites on the Red Carpet at the MTV Movie Awards 2012?

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My Working Holiday


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As some of you may know, I spent the past week in Queensand. It was originally a work trip, but after some quick thinking, fast talking and a lovely boss, I was able to extend my time away and incorporate a holiday.

I was particularly excited about this for a few reasons. I absolutely love Brisbane and Queensland in general. It feels like a home away from home and is a beautiful place. We also have 2 sets of friends that have made the move from Adelaide to Brisbane and we miss them terribly, so this was a great chance to catch up with them. And finally, I had the perfect opportunity to meet Nikki from Styling You, who I admire and adore…and of course Melinda, my Co Editor of our fabulous website (if I do say so myself) Shop Me Chic.

Above: Nikki and me

I began my week with a whirlwind trip to the Sunshine Coast, which totally did not live up to its name. In fact, it was grey and rainy and cold. I was instantly blamed for bringing the crappy Adelaide weather with me. Nevertheless, I had a warm and cosy lunch with Nikki who runs the brilliant website Styling You – one of my daily reads. Nikki is even more fabulous in real life. She exudes glamour but is so down to earth and lovely. We spent the best part of 2 hours talking non-stop about everything from our personal lives to blogging. Nikki very generously answered a lot of questions and gave me some fantastic advice to take away, think about and act on. I left that lunch on an absolute high.

Thank you for taking time out of your busy life to meet up with me, Nikki. I appreciate it so much.

Above: I picked the winning dog

Throughout the rest of the week, we spent time with friends, ate a lot, drank wine, and had many, many laughs. There may have also been a win on the greyhounds (mine), a dancefloor takeover at a local pub (Mr Sonic) and the purchase of one very large, very sparkly Mexican hat (Mr Sonic).

Above: how did that Mexican hat get on the bill?

Then it was time to work. I spent 2 days in meetings at the Marriott Brisbane and had 2 fab dinners at Garuva in Fortitude Valley (or “The Valley” as Brisbane locals call it) and the phenomenal Stokehouse in Southbank. I finished my final work day by supporting the Brisbane economy…in Queen Street Mall. There’s something incredibly fun about shopping interstate. The shops seem better, every purchase seems completely justifiable and every item is a winner. Or at least it is for me.

On my last day, I met up for brunch with Melinda, who runs Mumma In Heels and is also my Co Editor of our website Shop Me Chic. Mr Sonic asked if I was nervous about meeting Melinda. Not at all. I felt like we’d known each other our whole lives as we speak on the phone regularly and tweet and email each other like 50 times a day. I was right. As soon as we saw each other, we shared a big hug and there was not one moment of silence for over 2 hours. Melinda also brought along her 2 adorable and charming sons, and I was even serenaded by 3 year old Master P singing the One Direction classic, ‘What Makes You Beautiful’. Swoon!!

Above: Melinda and me

And so, that was my working holiday. It went by so fast and I’m still catching up on sleep, but you couldn’t wipe the smile off my face if you tried.

Now, time to book the next holiday…

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She’s Sonic Shows Her Face(book)


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I love all things social media – Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest. I’m hooked on them and very involved. And so it surprised a lot of people to learn that I did not have a Facebook page.

Since starting She’s Sonic, it’s become even more obvious that I needed to open the book…Facebook that is.

So I’ve started a page for She’s Sonic. Please stop by and hit that little ‘Like’ button if you care to.

You can check it out here…

She’s Sonic on Facebook

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Imaginary Shopping Spree…Coats


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So I’ve already been on my imaginary shopping spree for boots – and wasn’t that a huge success?! Now it’s time to stock up on some beautiful winter coats.

Coats are such a winter staple and I adore the way they complete an outfit. They’re an investment piece that sees you through many seasons and in my opinion, you can never have too many!!

Let’s go shopping…

Nasty Gal ‘Chelsea’ Shearling Coat 

Ally Fashion Frill Peplum Coat

Topshop Collarless Panel Trench Coat

Esther Boutique ‘Whistler’ Coat

Forever New ‘Yana’ Boucle Duffle Coat

Are you buying a new winter coat? What type of coat is your favourite?

Let’s Write: How Do You Relax?


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Welcome to another episode of the Mumma In Heels series, ‘Let’s Write’!!

For those of you playing along at home, we’ve already covered what we love about Winter and how we start our days.

Today we’re talking about how we each like to relax.

I have a few ways that I like to relax. And considering how crazy busy my life is these days, I seem to be doing these things a lot more often!!

  • Music – I’ve always loved music and always love to have music playing wherever I am. I especially love listening to songs that have happy memories attached to them and just by hearing that particular tune, it transports me back to that moment and relaxes me. That, or bootypoppin’ to Beyonce!!
  • Tea – I am an avid tea drinker. I drink several cups a day. All different kinds. I’m very particular about the way I have my tea. I guess you could call me a tea-a-holic!! I find a hot cup of tea incredibly soothing and comforting. And I am awesome at making tea. Just saying.
  • Wine – wine also falls under the same sort of category as tea, but isn’t hot obviously. Nor should it be consumed at work. Shame, really. I love to have a bottle glass of wine with Mr Sonic or friends and chat about our day and relaxxxxx.
  • Reading – it makes me especially happy when I get the time to curl up on the couch with no distractions and can catch up on reading all of my favourite blogs and a magazine. I’ve treated myself to a Grazia subscription, so that gives me a great excuse to have a little ‘me time’.
  • Reality TV – I make no secret of the fact I am a reality TV junkie. Absolutely love it. It’s my guilty pleasure. Anything Kardashian or Real Housewives, Bethenny or Giuliana & Bill. I could probably survive on 3 Foxtel channels – Arena, E! and the Style Network. Not sure why we have all those other channels like sport and documentaries…oh yeah, that’s right. Mr Sonic.
  • A long walk – when the sun is shining, sometimes there is nothing better than putting my sneakers on and going for a long walk. The sunshine and fresh air and scenery all help distract me from my thoughts and I walk back through my front door relaxed.

Those are my little ways to relax and unwind.

How do you like to relax?


Imaginary Shopping Spree…Boots


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I’m not shopping as much as I’d like to at the moment. Besides saving for our wedding, we are also renovating and extending our home. It’s also coming into bill season and Mr Sonic’s birthday is next month, so needless to say there’s not much cash floating around for me to treat myself in the shops.

Being Co-Editor of Shop Me Chic means that I get to stay up to date with what’s in fashion and for me that’s not only research, but window shopping too.

So allow me to indulge in a some imaginary shopping sprees over the coming weeks.

Today, let’s go shopping for boots…

PeepToe ‘Miss Combat’ Ankle Boot

Zu ‘Gatsby’ Ankle Boot

Eos ‘Edris’ Boot from Wanted Shoes

Saria Shoes ‘Monroe’ Boot

Have you bought new boots for Winter? What are your favourite styles?